Jazz Blues

Jazz Blues – How To Get The Phrasing Right

In this jazz blues guitar lesson, I am going to teach you how to convert jazz line to Jazz Blues. This can be done by adding blues phrasing so that your phrases find that In this jazz blues guitar lesson, I am going to teach you how to convert jazz lines to Jazz Blues, by adding blues phrasing and find that sweet spot where both genres exist.

Most of us learn have learned to play blues licks along the way. This usually means playing pentatonic blues phrases which is what is the biggest part of that genre. You probably also have learned to play jazz phrases. Melodies that are based on the chords and use arpeggios.

The problem arises when you play a 12 bar jazz blues. Then you want to play something that connects both worlds. You want to follow the changes and you want some of that blues sound.

Most of that is about phrasing.

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0:00 Intro – Jazz Blues and Pentatonic Scales
0:36 Jazz Blues – Where Bebop and Blues meet
1:04 Bb Blues – The Main (Jazz) Lick
1:36 #1 Grace Notes – Slides and Legato
1:44 Instead of bending the string…
2:40 Variation with grace notes
3:28 #2 Enclosures and Chromatic Leading notes
4:25 Variation using approach notes
4:56 Variation using a trill for the leading note
5:39 #3 Double-stops – borrowing from Piano players
7:00 Variation using melodies harmonized in 3rds
7:40 Variation using a pedal-point (Wes-style)
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