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Blues Soloing Secrets – Mixing Scales + 12 Bar Blues Guitar Licks in E

Master Blues Soloing Secrets for jamming over a 12 bar blues in E. Full PDF study guide, tab and guitar pro at: Patreon.com/Swiftlessons

Hello friends,
Welcome back to Swift Guitar Lessons for another blues rock lead guitar tutorial. In today’s session we will be unlocking the power of the minor blues scale in A position, as you learn to perform classic licks, and “scale-hop” between adjecent patterns. Together we will master eight original licks in the context of a complete 12 bar blues practice routine. Let’s get started!

0:00 – Demonstration
0:48 – Section #1 – Scales
4:13 – Section #2 – Practice Routine
15:55 – Big Announcement!

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