7 WAYS To Play The SAME Guitar Chord Progression [With Different Feeling]

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The WAY that you play the chord progression on your guitar CHANGES the emotional feeling of the chord progression.

So in this video I show you 7 different ways to play the exact same chord progression…

… and it’s insane how different the same chord progression may sound (and I’m barely scratching the surface)

0:00 Teaser 🙂
0:21 Chords DO NOT determine the emotion of music
2:37 1. Bar chords (meh…)
3:16 2. Less notes, and brilliance control
3:58 3. Improving clarity: Tenths
5:06 Are Tenths a cliche?
6:30 4. Cut through: close ‘funky’ voicing
6:56 5. More depth: spread voicing
8:16 6. Bring in the tears: suspensions
10:37 7. Curb your emotion: voices order
13:40 How many shapes for G minor? How to learn them?
17:10 Please DON’T do this

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