5 Basic Jazz Chord Exercises That You Want To Know

There is something special about how we play chords in Jazz. A part of that is the jazz chords themselves but another part that is just as important is how you play those chords. This video is going over 5 basic jazz guitar exercises that you can play and get started developing your Jazz chord skills. Some of them you probably know and some of them you can add to your playing.

I am using parts of songs to demonstrate this, so going through these exercises will also help you get started learning Jazz Standards which is another important part of learning Jazz.

Jazz Chords – A Simple But Amazing Solution You Want To Know:

One of the great things about Jazz Chords is that if you learn even just a few basic jazz chords then you can open them up and add things to them in ways that sound really great.

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5 Basic Jazz Chord Exercises That You Want To Know

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0:00 Intro
0:34 #1 Shell-voicings – 6 chords in 30 seconds
1:18 – Exercise on Afternoon In Paris
1:56 #2 Great Basic Rhythm – Charleston
2:12 – Exercise on Satin Doll
3:07 #3 Two layers and More Groove
3:26 – Exercise on Take The A-train
3:57 #4 Bossa Nova
4:19 – Exercise on Girl From Ipanema
5:10 #5 Walking Bass – A Complete Groove
5:30 – Exercise on Autumn Leaves
5:48 More Shell-voicing videos
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My name is Jens Larsen, Danish Jazz Guitarist, and Educator. The videos on this channel will help you explore and enjoy Jazz. Some of it is how to play jazz guitar, but other videos are more on Music Theory like Jazz Chords or advice on how to practice and learn Jazz, on guitar or any other instrument.

The videos are mostly jazz guitar lessons, but also music theory, analysis of songs and videos on jazz guitars.

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