A Full Review of a Taylor Academy 12 Guitar

Taylor Academy 12E Guitar:

Driftwood Guitars performs a thorough review of the Taylor Academy 12 guitar. The “Guitar Breakdown” is a revolutionary way of reviewing guitars, and offers potential customers the ability to see if the instrument will live up to their daily lifestyle, as well as hear how it sounds, and if its constructed properly.

0:55 – Features
2:45 – Playability
4:35 – Sound Quality
8:00 – Case Quality
9:14 – Scratch Resistance
10:25 – Dent Resistance
11:10 – Liquid Resistance
12:40 – String Tension Resistance
13:27 – Drop Test
14:40 – Trim/Joinery Quality
14:55 – Finish Quality
15:15 – Fret Quality
15:30 – Cut It Open & Look Inside
17:10 – The Results

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